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why are you still awake? what the hell are you doing still up? do you know what time it is? close your goddamn eyes and soothe yourself to sleep…



{fangirl challenge} - [4/10] female characters - Dani Megan O’Malley (Fever Series)

“You think you’re going to chain me to a wall then stand here and tell me why it’s okay that I am the way I am? That because of all the crap folks put me through when I was young it’s all right that I turned out like this? Dude, I don’t have a problem with how I turned out. I like me.” 


-The unfinished SNK fanbook-
this was suppose to be a long 28 pages and i almost done with it, when my macbook hard disk suddenly broke down. Almost all part of the book were gone for good, alongside with my other works/Jobs that haven’t been backed up.

i’m having a terrible artblock since then.
i decided to scrap this and start brand new eruri book instead.
So Sorry.

Hope u guys have a superb new year celebration~


queensansastark asked Theon Greyjoy or Sandor Clegane  ↠ Theon Greyjoy

❝  The sounds brought old feelings back; the creak of wood and rope, the captain’s shouted commands, the snap of the sails as the wind filled them, each as familiar as the beating of his own heart, and as comforting. I must remember this, Theon vowed to himself. I must never go far from the sea again.

when confronted with the i m p o s s i b l e , the  r a t i o n a l  mind

                       w i l l   g r o p e   f o r  t h e  l o g i c a l .

He looked out over the fields and buildings, the crofts and the roads, then looked down, a smile suddenly curving the wide mouth.

"And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for? To be a lady of a manor, or to sleep in the fields like a gypsy? To be a healer, or a don’s wife, or an outlaw’s lady?

"I was born for you," I said simply, and held out my arms to him.

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daniel ablitt



Tell me you finally tasted freedom.

Letter from Hades to Persephone, Clementine von Radics

It’s all my fault, Charles.