@bericdondarrion: das good, wifey. :333 iluuuuuuuuusfm and LET’S BE HAPPY TOGETHER 5EVER YES YES? image

@thiseverlastingessence: ahhhh, thank you so much, hun! :’) that was definitely the story I worked hardest on and involved a lot of frustration and headbanging and it took forever and ever to write (a few months, if I remember correctly), but yes, it’s definitely the story I’m most proud of. :’) and it doesn’t fit with Mockingjay canon at all since it was written before that came out, but I am still really happy with how it turned out and the recognition and appreciation that it got. :’) thanks so much for your words again, bb, ahhhhhh LOL MY SHIPPER FEELINGS FOR THOSE TWO ARE COMING BACK ;______;

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