@tywin: hello lovely! :) I hope it’s going well? :3 

@bericdondarrion: I’m sorry I can’t be faithful but come onnnnn wifey


you get me 5 days a week xoxo <5 I mean that’s a good deal rIGHTTT

@themirrorofsin: yes yes YE S oh my god my historical romance otp to end all other otps? I can’t with them and how wonderfully they’re written and two opposites that mesh so well together and oh my god just the trope of rake/wallflower is just done so well and pretty much the best ever it’s been done in this novel????


The foot warmers and the bet OH MY GOD THE BET and also um yes Marcus and Lillian showing up with their delightful cameo and also ughhhh how the entire book is not just about Sebastian/Evie but also the change of Sebastian from an indolent aristocrat to someone who puts his skills (other than ~sex of course) to good use and earning the respect of his peers and those who work for him and proving himself? also him and Evie discovering one another along the way and yessss god perfect so perfect COME BACK TO HISTORICALS, KLEYPAS PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU lol can you tell I reread this one a lot BEST HISTORICAL SMUT NOVEL EVER

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  1. isabelladeste said: asdfghjkl yes! they are my favourites from that series and I re-read that book a hell of a lot! ahhh!
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